Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reba and tired and waiting

So we had spent Friday night and all day Saturday at Ladies' Retreat and then the three of us being the crazy sisters that we are, headed off to "Po-dunkville" for the Reba McEntire/Kelly Clarkson concert. This probably wasn't our smartest idea ever, but we missed their concert the first go around, and didn't want to miss it again. The drive there was a little over an hour and a half and it felt like most of our drive was spent sitting still in traffic only a few blocks away from the Center.

The concert was set to start at 8pm. We got in our seats at 7:50p. We sat and waited. And waited. And waited a little bit more. At about 8:20p a man came over the loud speaker and informed us that the concert was going to be a little delayed (uh, yea..ya think!) because Reba's plane was delayed. She was still in Minnesota! Kelly was in the building, but seeing as it was the '2 Worlds, 2 Voices Tour' it wasn't going to happen without the other half.

The new start time was set for 9:15p. I thought Lisa was going to fall right out of her chair. She was hoping it was cancelled so we could go home, Holli and I were praying it wasn't because we really wanted to see them. So, we did what anyone in this situation would do to keep busy. That's right folks... we pulled out the Sudoku! Lisa was fading fast and nobody was too happy about the extended wait. Plus, there was a creepy older woman in front of us who just kept turning around and staring. At one point I heard her tell her husband "I'm watching the people come in." She said it in a slow creepy way though. *Shudder* Why must we always get stuck by the nut jobs?

Finally, at about 9:25 the lights went down and the crowd cheered. The concert was beginning...

(Guest appearance by Melissa Peterman aka Barbara Jean from the Reba tv show)

Here's a little video that I took. Sorry it's so shaky. My arms were tired, and I had to hold the camera over a bunch of people's heads.


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