Sunday, February 10, 2008

Watch you like a hawk OR the eagle's eye

Ok, so that is a stupid title, but I had to incorporate both of those birds into the heading because that is what the indecision is. Well actually it's between a hawk, an eagle and an owl. That sounds like a REALLY bad joke...
Anyway, so we were pulling into our driveway after coming home from my cousin's 14th birthday party when my dad goes, "Look! Do you see that?" I immediately saw the bird he was talking about, but we sat in the middle of the road for a minute so my mom could spot it too. So we're looking and he can't decide if it's an eagle or a hawk. My mom thought it was an owl, but my dad told her it wasn't. So then they proceed to go back and forth between what it is. So I'm in the backseat and I say "Hurry up and pull in the garage so we can go inside and look out the window!" We had a much better view from inside. So me, being the oh so devoted blogger that I am, rushed inside and tore down to my room to grab my camera. By the time I was back upstairs both my mom and dad were at the window looking at the mystery bird as it was perched on a branch on a tree in our backyard. They had ruled out that it wasn't an owl by that point. I know nothing about birds so I was no help. I was just there to take some pictures of it and then I was out.
So any bird experts out there???? My dad briefly toyed with the idea that it could be a baby eagle, but I'm thinking "no". I got some pretty good pics of it, so you be the judge. It could be a baby hawk, it could be something entirely different.

(Seriously, could the bird have been anymore photogenic for you guys. There's a view of the back, both profiles, and head on. )

Shortly after snapping these he/she flew away and it's wing span was pretty impressive. My mom continued to make a joke about if it came back it could carry Sydney away so we should be careful. Of course she was kidding because Sydney is 100lbs and I don't think a baby bird could snatch her up. None the less I didn't find that joke too funny, so I came down to post these lovely pictures for you to look at. So, if you can 100% confirm that this is a hawk let me know. If you think it's something else let me know that too. Otherwise, this day will now be known as "the mysterious bird day"......
Have a good one!

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snydersurvivors said...

ok, we are working at my mom's house and the consensus is a hawk.