Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My back and knees and feet... Oh My!

Ugh! I'm so exhausted. Not just mentally buy PHYSICALLY too! Tuesday was grueling as always because of clinical in the morning, but in the afternoon I went to the GI lab to observe. I got to watch an ERCP (Endoscopic retrograde cholioangiopancreatography) performed. In other words, they put a long tube with a camera down this person's throat and jammed it into a duct in their gut, injected some dye so they could see it on an xray, and then placed a small stent to allow drainage from a blocked area in the pancreatic duct. It was both cool and disgusting at the same time. Since this procedure requires a live xray everyone had to wear a lead apron and a piece of lead around the neck as well to guard the thyroid. So not only were my back and feet hurting already from the day, as they usually do, but then you put pounds of lead on me and make me stand for an hour and a half procedure, and I was practically a puddle by the time I left. It was a good experience though, and as soon as I finish this blog I need to do my write up.
Today I went to my old high school. I observed the nurse's office. Oh what fun that was. Some kids came in for logical and legitimate things like diabetes, bloody nose, irregular heartbeat, hand slammed in their locker, vomiting.... Others came in just to get out of class or get sent home. Every single person that came in complaining of not feeling well had their temp taken and throat inspected. Not one person had a fever. It was ridiculous. (Not to say you have to have a fever to be sick.) I could never be a high school nurse because I was annoyed (just like I am now, by my mother). We sent the majority of the students home if they wanted to go and their parent/guardian consented. Only two kids actually threw up, and the rest complained of headaches and "ummm... a stomachache" and "umm... a sore throat" and the list goes on. It was a little ridiculous after awhile. If they had to say "ummm" and pause afterward you knew they were pretty much faking it. This one girl kept adding to her complaint. First it was one thing, then it was that thing and another, and by the time we got her mom on the phone you would have thought she was close to death. Oh well.... if they want to miss school and not get a good education that is their choice.
After my time at the school was over I grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed off to talk to my Community instructor about our HUGE project. Everyone in class that thinks our "group" project is easier because there are more of us is sadly mistaken. If anything we have a BIGGER job and responsibility because we are developing a whole entire wellness program for an ENTIRE school, not just one class in one school like some are doing. We also have to follow Governmental guidlines and Educational regulations. It is no easy task, let me tell you. I won't get into all that now though. You don't want to get me started.....
Ok, well I have a lot to get done this week and I need to get started on some tonight so I can rest a little easier tomorrow and Friday. I'm sure I'll be back before Monday to start the whole ugly cycle over again.
Until then....................................

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