Saturday, February 9, 2008

Three times a charm?

This is the third pic I have put up for my header. The last one was way too bright, and none of the colors I wanted for my font worked with it. This picture is from my dad's trip to California last year. It was my desktop background for awhile, so I'm trying it out here to see how I like it. I'm not having the best luck finding pictures I like, so this is more difficult than I thought it would be.
Is it really only 2:20? It seems like it should be later. I was up pretty early to go to Walmart with my mom today (because I'm a good daughter like that), so maybe that's why I feel like it should be later.
Mom and Dad are at a wedding today with one of my sisters. It's for our old pastor's daughter. I've been using the time alone to study and mess around with this thing.
Any suggestions as to what else you would like to see on here?? I can't think of too much else I will probably add for now.
Well, I better get back to studying. Time's a wastin'.....

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Hol said...

This pic is ok but doesn't really suit you...I'll try to think of one that you might have that would.