Thursday, January 31, 2008

You want us to do what??

So today, my day off, I wake up to the sound of Sydney crying in her kennel. This isn't highly unusual, because if she knows I'm in my room she cries until I come get her. This morning I got up and let her out and we went upstairs so I could get breakfast. Well she drank practically her whole bowl of water and then proceeded to follow me around all morning. She stood by me and panted and paced... I don't think she lied down at all. So finally I took her out at like 10:30. She peed a river and then proceeded to try and go about 20 more times before I finally pulled her inside because I was cold.
She then resumes the panting and the pacing and threw in a little whining for good measure. I gave up and took her out again at about 12:30. She hurried out the door and she peed a river again, but this time I noticed that she had a little blood in her urine. Yikes!! That's not good! So I hurried her back inside and called my dad to tell him. So we're both thinking UTI now. He came home for lunch about 1:15 and he called the vet. We were hoping to get her an appointment for today. No such luck. The Vet double booked and couldn't see her at all today. But they said the best thing they could do was to have us retrieve a urine sample and then take it back to them and they would run tests on it. Are you kidding me?? Get a urine sample from a hyperactive almost 3 year old lab who weighs almost 100 lbs? Were they nuts??
So my dad eats some lunch while I run to the vet clinic to pic of the container. This is what they gave me....

Were they joking? They expect us to slip that little tray underneath her while she's peeing and then pour it into that cup. I'm not anticipating this to be very easy.
This is what Sydney has to say about it... "You're gonna do what while I go to the bathroom?"

We'll see how it goes. Hopefully it is just a UTI and not a kidney stone or something. Ewww!! *shudder*.
Atleast now she has settled down a little bit and is laying out in the living room. Well, I am off to take an online quiz. Yea!

Until next time.............

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