Friday, January 4, 2008

Election Preparedeness

Can you believe that this year we elect another president? Number 43 in the long line of presidents our nation has already elected. That's crazy to think about.
One thing about getting older is you get to vote and have a say in these important decisions. That can be good or bad... I'm not one of those people that just decides something by how the wind is blowing that day. I have to research a topic. It can even be a song that I am wanting to buy. If I'm going to spend my money on it though, I want to know what it's saying and if it's worth it. Some people may call that anal, and well, maybe it is. But I've very rarely had a regret about something that I thought out before making a decision on.
So why should the presidential election be any different?? Last election was my first time voting. I was a baby-faced 18 year old who had no idea how the process even worked. While this time around I probably only understand a little bit more than last time I atleast feel confident to know what to look for, so I can make an educated decision. So, this morning, at the start of our new year, I put my pen to paper and started surfing the presidential candidates websites to see where they stood on the "issues". I must say that this is a hard thing to do. I quickly got overwhelmed and had to take a break. This will definitely be an ongoing process for me.

Ok, so on to a little lighter news.... still no sign of the "nocturnal one". Yea!! My sis told me about this electronic mouse trap this morning. Someone she works with says they use it and they haven't had any mice, and they live in a corn field! Definitely something to look into...

Alright, well I must go. I'm trying to finish this book I've been reading since Thanksgiving. My goal is to finish tonight. Haha, yea right.....

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