Thursday, January 10, 2008

Run, Run as Fast as You Can...

Can you finish that sentence? It's "You can't catch me, I'm the Stinky Cheese Man." That phrase is what I feel like my little "nocturnal friend" is taunting me with. It all started yesterday and it has only gotten worse as the hours go on. Sure, he's as dead as a doornail, but he has left such a pungent smell behind that it is almost as bad as the incessant scratching. Which would I rather have you ask? The scratching or the stench? Well... I would probably have to say the smell, even though it is quite rank. It's almost comforting though, because I know along with the smell is a sense of knowing that he is actually dead and not going to gnaw his way through my wall any second. Anyway... enough of the icky talk.

I'm preparing to head back to schoool. I had a mini freak out yesterday, but after some reassuring words froma recent graduate I'm feeling okay again. It's hard to believe that I start back on Monday though. I guess to some extent I'm greatful, because I've been bored out of my mind some days, but there is a sense of freedom to being able to sleep in if you want, or just up and decide you want a coffee and you're going to go get one right now because you have nowhere to be. *Sigh* Well, as the saying goes... All good things must come to an end.
How cool is it that I can say I graduate THIS year though??? It's quite cool!

Alright, well I better go. I want to read a little bit more of my current book, and then I'll probably go to bed semi-early. I got up early this morning to kind of get myself used to a normal school schedule again. I did not enjoy it.

Have a good one!

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