Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What month is it again?

I'm pretty sure when I looked at my calendar just a few short days ago it was January. Well, by looking at the crazy weather we had last night you would have guessed differently. A torndao warning???? In January???? Is that insane or what? I swear, the lightening was coming every 5 seconds. It was insane. And of course as the civil defense sirens are blaring and the tv is suggesting people take shelter, what am I doing? That's right I'm standing at the window taking pictures so I can blog about it to you all. I know... not the smartest thing a girl could do. However, the way I look at it is if God wanted to strike me dead during that storm He was going to do it regardless if I was taking awesome pictures of lightening or huddled in the backroom with the dog. So to not draw this out any longer, I bring to you a masterpiece that I call "Lightening". (Hee Hee, I know. I couldn't think of anything more original. I thought of "Lightening: the Series" or "Lightening in Steps" and even "Lightening: Photographed by an Idiot" but I went with simple instead.)

Alright, well I must go. I'm in charge of dinner tonight, and I want to lay down and try and get rid of this headache first. I do not enjoy getting up early again. :(

Until next time...........

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