Friday, January 18, 2008

Reluctant Return...

Well, I know I've been MIA all week, but as you know from previous posts-- I started back to school on Monday. Pretty much the only good thing I've found in returning to school is that I am now officially a SENIOR!!! (That is... for the second time.) I am basically still adjusting to all of the new information, so I really don't have much to say right now. I think I'm going to like all my clinical instructors (which are also lecture instructors), so no complaints about that so far.

Ok, on to more interesting stuff.... Don't you just love kids?? They are so gosh darn adorable sometimes. I watched my friend Robin's kids yesterday and they are just too adorable. (The dog on the other hand... not so much, but we'll get back to that later.) So anyway... I had to get up at like 6 am on my day off to go watch the kiddos because Robin's sitter couldn't watch the kids that morning. So me, being the good buddy I am, stepped up and said I would watch them for her. So I get there at like 7:15 and she gives me the run down. Ava meanwhile started whining about playing a game or something and I can tell Robin is like "Get me out of here!". So she leaves, and almost immediately the tears stop and Ava is all smiles. So I sit them at the counter and go about making them breakfast. By make I mean pour cereal and milk into a bowl and give them a banana. So they eat all their breakfast and all is well. We watched a little Spongebob (who lives in a pineapple under the sea....) and then they started watching the Backyardigans (adorable show if you haven't seen it). So a little after 8 I get Hayden into his coat and put his hat on as we wait for the bus to come and get him. They arrive and I take him out. The aide on the bus must have been completly clueless because she's there to help him up the stairs and she goes "Say goodbye to mommy". Meanwhile the bus driver is looking at me strangley because she knows I'm not "mommy". Anyway... so he's gone and I get Ava in her coat and put her in my car. I take her to preschool where her teacher again gives me the same strange look as I drop her off at her classroom (This is ridiculous because Robin told her about me). Even so, she didn't say a word to me and so I told Ava I would be back when she was done, and we said goodbye to eachother.
Thus begins my few hours of silence. It was enjoyable. I did my "homework" for Sunday School this week, answered some emails, surfed the web, etc. Before I knew it Hayden was due to come home, so I went out and warmed up the car. He arrived and I loaded him in the car which he proceeded to talk about for 5 minutes. He was quiet when we started toward Ava's school and all of a sudden he says, in his sweet little boy voice, "I like this car... it's different." I laughed. He's so cute! So we get to Ava's school I go in and get her. Ava ran to me and her teacher again gave me this blank look. Hello!!! You're a preschool teacher! Show some expression why don't ya??
So then we go back home and they're both being chatterboxes. I fed them lunch which they both said was "very yummy" (I'm tellin' ya I can make a mean PB&J). After lunch was when the real fun began.... I was cleaning up their plates and the counter when all of a sudden Ava yells "Jake's got play-doh" from the dining room. Yes, the dog did indeed have a little thing of play-doh in his mouth. The little mongrol had climbed up onto their fireplace ledge and stolen one of the kid's play-doh canisters which he proceeded to chew the lid off of and snack on some play-doh (the brown one, if anyone cares about the color). So I coerce the play-doh away from him and the kids and I go in the living room. I think we played just about every game they own. Granted each game would only last 5 minutes before Ava would announce "Ok, I'm done. Let's get a new one." This went on for a good hour or so. Meanwhile at some time in there I walked by the dining room to see none other than JAKE chewing on one of Ava's SHOES!! And if that wasn't enough I see a PUDDLE on the carpet. Yes, goober had peed on the carpet. Grr!!! So I chase him around the table for the shoe while the kids are standing on the other side of the gate going "Bad Jakey! Bad!" I think that only feuled him more, plus my grumbling under my breath. I finally wrestle the shoe away and gave him a little time to contemplate his actions outside while I cleaned up his mess. Once that was all squared away I went back to play with the kids.
So, here's a cute part... I'm laying on my side on the floor while Ava is picking up her 53rd game and Hayden comes up real close to my face so our noses are touching and he looks into my eyes and says, "I like you." Then as if that weren't cute enough he puts his cheek next to mine. Now come on... that's just adorable!!
Shortly after we went downstairs so they could "rock out" to some kiddie songs. If you know anything about me you knew I was DYING in those moments! Plus, it was like 10 degrees colder downstairs. I let them play for like a half hour and then kind of forewarned them that we would have to go back upstairs soon and they were going to have to lay down. So I could only stand 10 more minutes of the songs and the cold, so we went upstairs and Ava just proceeded to go to her room and say "Ok, Hayden nap time." Mind you, they are both 4, so he looked at me and was like "we are taking a nap now?" I tried not to laugh and said "Yea, let's just do naps now." So they go into their rooms, and while I'm tucking Hayden in Ava comes in and goes "Do you want me to rub your back Bubbas?" I was trying not to crack up, because that is such a mommy thing to do. I tried even harder not to laugh when Hayden said "No. Get out of my room." Hahaha!
So I take Ava to her room and they slept for TWO hours. It was shocking. I guess they were pretty tired.
And that conluded my day with them pretty much. Robin got home at 3:15 and I left shortly after. It took us almost 15 minutes to get their carseats out though. That's another blog entirely though. Let's just say I will forever be using the seatbelt to put them in and not attaching them to the bar underneath the seat. (If you've ever installed a carseat this way you know what I'm talking about. What a pain!)

Well, that is pretty much what I've been up to this last week. School for three days, Hayden and Ava Thursday, and then shopping with Hol in the bitter cold tonight. Brr!! (What were we thinking Hol??) It's just me and mom tonight because Dad is having a lock-in with his jr. high group from church. I have NO idea what he was thinking when he thought up this idea, but bless his heart he has a passion for kids that age. It takes a special person, and that person is not me. Tomorrow I think Holli and I are braving the elements again to go get our pants hemmed. Our great aunt hems them for a price (that price being us visiting. haha). We don't mind visiting with her though. She's a riot! I hope I'm as... spirited as she is when I'm that age.

Alright, well I think I have officially caught you up on my week. With the way things are going to be with my schedule I'm thinking this will be a weekly occurence. You'll just get one big long email a week, unless of course somethign hugely monumental happens. They won't all be quite this long though. I just had to throw my day with Hayden and Ava in there because it was so good (minus the dog).

Until next time.....
P.S.-- Sorry I didn't have any pictures besides Spongebob to post. I put some color in there though so you wouldn't get bored.

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