Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not fun!

OK, having no power is not fun. What's even more "not fun" is when the power goes off right when you are in the middle of your paperwork! I am SO glad I am one of those neurotic people that saves her papers every 30 seconds. I had JUST saved and not 20 seconds later the power went out. My sis says there were around 4000 outages (she works for the electric company if you were wondering how she knew that). You don't realize how much you rely on the internet until you can't use it. I mean I have my email, school website, weather, references.... the list goes on.
So here we are (me, mom and dad) at 6:30 with no power. I honestly think my dad was semi-excited about the whole thing. Bless his heart, he was trying to make a bad situation better. He got flashlights, and suggested we watch a movie on the laptop. Of course mom was having none of that. God forbid she actually spend some quality family time with us after 5pm... (I'm kidding.... sort of), so she went to bed... at 7:15! Well, anyway dad was all excited about watching a dvd, so he starting running through movie and he came across Facing the Giants. It was a very low budget film, but was actually in the movie theatres. It was actually pretty good. For more information click http://www.facingthegiants.com/ . It has a synopsis and lots of other stuff.
After the movie was over, I went to my room, by the light of my penlight.. no joke... and started organizing my stuff for clinical tomorrow. It was when my sis and I were going over directions to the grade school I had to go to tomorrow that the electricity came back on. *Angel's sing* You know what that means... HEAT!! It had already dropped 6 degrees in a 2 hour time span. Brrr!
Needless to say I was totally out of my groove to get back to paperwork, so that will have to wait until tomorrow night. Luckily I only had about 20 minutes left of work to do. I guess it was a blessing in disguise. I spent some quality time with my dad, which doesn't happen very often. Plus I took in a pretty decent movie for low budget. Good message! If you're looking for a clean movie for the whole family this would be a good one.
Alright well my knees, back, legs and feet ache from standing all day at my horrible horrible clinical. I might blog on that later. And yet, I might just erase the whole horrible day from my memory. I think I'm definitely going to like Community WAY better than Adult this semester. Oh well. Only 15 more weeks left. Did I mention my "reward" after this semester is a trip?? Wanna guess where? Ok, I'll let you guess......
I must go now. I think my back is going to permanently slump over if I don't lay down in the next five minutes. Have a good Wednesday everybody!

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