Sunday, December 23, 2007

Day 2: Part II

***WARNING-- DO NOT READ FURTHER (in this blog or future blogs for 4 days) IF: You can not keep a secret, you will be talking to Aunt Betty in the next couple weeks and you can not keep a secret, when you get excited things spill out of your mouth before you think, or you can not read the above. Hence, we don't want Aunt Betty to know we are watching Izzy too. It will only make her worry unnecessarily. So mums the word (or rather pup). Haha!***

Well, it is almostg 3 and all are still alive. I have some more pics and a video to post, so this shoudl be enjoyable for you all. The pics will probably be spread out in an every other day pattern from now on, because my camera doesn't do well with rapid puppy movements, so I'm borrowing my sisters camera. (Thanks Hol!) So I will give the camera to her tomorrow night to download pics and then I'll have her bring it back Christmas morning to capture all that fun activity. (Right Hol? Fun, fun, fun!)

Well, Zoe is laying on my lap right now. Everyone is in their neutral corners. Sydney is roaming the house (as she should since it's hers to begin with), Izzy is in her pen taking a nap, and Zoe is shut in my room with me writing this blog. She's still kind of scared, but only when there is a lot of commotion or one of the other dogs approaches her. She's antisocial, but she's cute....

Ok, well I'm going to go for now, but I leave you with these pictures and short video.


(This video is of Sydney and Izzy's first meeting. It's a love/hate relationship.)

(This is pretty much what Zoe looks like all the time now. She's always being held.)

(Here is Izzy and Zoe shortly after their first meeting. Don't be fooled by the picture... Zoe hates Izzy)

(This is Zoe laying on my lap while I type this. And yes, she is wearing a t-shirt)

(This is what her shirt says)

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Holli said...

Oh yes, can't wait til Christmas morning. Three's a Christmakah miracle come true.