Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh what fun it is....

... to ride in a one horse open sleigh. Actually, a sleigh isn't such a bad idea. Have you looked outside? It's crazy outside. I'm not sure how much snow we've gotten, but it's enough that kids are building snowmen and making snow angels.

I watched Brooke and Meredith this afternoon. Hope came over for awhile and they played outside in the snow. They were loving it.

Brooke was as adorable as she always is. If ever I'm feeling blue I should just go see her. She is always tickled to death to see me, and never lacks a smile it seem. She's almost the perfect child. She would have been the perfect child had she not colored all over the chair with a black ink pen. Besides that though, she says please and thank you. She was adorable today. She had a nasty diaper that I was changing, and when I was wiping her she goes, "My butt... it hurts." So I put some diaper rash creme on it and she goes "Thank You." How adorable!! And she said it in this sweet and yet slightly pathetic little voice. *Sigh* I'd take her in a heartbeat if they'd let me.

Anyway... I took some pictures of her and a video, so enjoy!

(Check out the hair! The sad thing is, this is after I brushed it and it still looked like this.)

(I made her a ring out of a twistie tie. She kept calling it a "present". So sweet!)

(***THIS JUST IN: My mom was watching the weather and they said we could get an additional 4-8 inches of snow overnight. WHAT?!?!***)

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