Sunday, December 9, 2007

Slicker than Snot

Isn't that a nice visual? You can thank my mom for that phrase. But, however gross it may sound it is quite true of today. We got graced with some freezing rain yesterday and into last night. Needless to say there are collision alerts up the whazoo on tv and everything in a 40 mile radius it seems has been cancelled.

My poor mom had to go to work today because they are having a huge merger this month with more banks (as if they don't have enough already), and she had to work on a Sunday. Oh how fun. She was probably on the verge of a panic attack this morning when she saw the slick roads. She HATES winter. Which is kind of surprising since she's lived in Illinois her whole life. You would think she would be used to it, but oh no. My dad took her to work this morning and now he is hanging out with my great aunt while waiting for her to finish.

I however have been laying in bed most of the morning with the dog. I got woken up by the phone ringing a bazillion times this morning (all before 8:30) and so I let her out of her pen and we went back to bed for a couple hours.
I should start studying since I have about 400 pages of material to get through and memorize for my test tomorrow. Oh what fun it is... to ride in a one horse open sleigh. Hey! Sorry.. got side tracked for a second there.
Anyway... I leave you with some pictures of this icy day. Stay inside people! It always amazes me how ridiculous people drive when it's bad weather. I mean, hello, we live in Illinois. This happens every year. No big surprise. You should know how to drive in it by now, but no. People act like it's the first time they've seen snow, or heaven forbid ice. Good grief. Just save yourself a big headache and stay inside. Let the crazy people drive around and cause accidents today that dont' involve you or I.
Happy Ice Day! Stay Warm!

(This is ice people. A danger when walking or driving.)

(Sydney, hiding behind the tree. I do believe she was sniffing ornaments when I came upstairs.)

(Check out this icicle. It was actually dripping. That's gonna sound pretty when it falls.)

(I should get a sled. I bet I could pick up some pretty high speed sliding down the court.)

(Here's Sydney fogging up the front door, wishing she could romp around outside. Check out our speckled porch. What's that about?)

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