Monday, September 15, 2008

They can take the arm, but I'll never give them the leg!

Today I had to go get my senior picture taken for school. This place is a total rip off! They are charging way too much for a sitting fee that lasts all of 5 minutes. It would last 2 if the guy didn't talk and reposition you so much. The whole process took less than 15 minutes. I drove longer than that to get there! Ugh, oh well. I'm in the class portrait now.
Something to say "eww" about.... When the guy positioned me on the stool he pulled out this compact. I thought he was going to show me my hair and let me fix it or something. Oh no! Instead he grabs the GROSS pad and dabs powder all over my face!! MY FACE!! This dirty compact had touched who knows how many people's faces before mine. EWW! I literally pulled back when he started coming at me with it. It all happened so fast that I was just a little stunned when he was done. Now, I am not a horrible germaphobe, but that was just gross. *Shudder* I think I snapped out of my daze right about the time he stuck me with the pin he was putting on my top. It didn't have a backing, so the point was sharp against my skin. I tried hard not to move once it was on.
He took like 12 different pictures, and 6 of them were awful. He had the guy in the other room pull them up on the computer and right when I walked in the room I said "Oh, I'm definitely a pale girl!" I looked totally washed out in the first picture. He said, "Oh we can fix that, don't worry" Really? Can you make me look like I just got back from a tropical vacation? So, when I'm sitting down to view my picture he says, "Now we can get rid of all those blemishes and dark circles and bags under your eyes." Excuse me?! I think I have all of two zits on my face today and I realize that my eyes are a little tired, but he didn't need to tell me my face! I think I muttered a reply similar to "Yea, those are nursing student eyes. I don't get much sleep nowadays."
So he goes and gets the next person and I'm sitting there with this new guy who's showing me my pictures. He says, "Just focus on your face when you look at these." Ok, easy enough. Except it wasn't! My hair looked different in almost every picture. For whatever reason my hair color was light, dark, red, redder... in almost every picture. So of course that factored into my decision as well. I think he was frustrated that I couldn't just pick one right away. Hey buddy, I paid to sit here and choose my pictures, so deal with it! I felt like I was at the eye doctor. "Which one is better, the left, or the right?" He would pull a new picture up and he would comment on some of them, "Well that one is better obviously." or "Definitely not this one." Umm, excuse me, who is choosing this picture, me or you?" I ended up with a decent one and I think mom will be pleased.

Well, that's basically what I've been up to today. All is well on the school front so far. A's in all classes, so I can't complain (too much). Now I'm off to do some online work. Another week starts tomorrow. That's my last day on my first clinical rotation. Goodbye 5100, I will miss you!


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Hol said...

Ok hilarious! I can see the whole thing happening from your description. :) Crazy people.