Saturday, September 20, 2008

RF & TS (with a side of DM's)

Well, I'm going to try and make this a quick post (haha), because my head hurts from the concert.

Right when we got there and we got settled in our seats we saw like 10 people that we knew. No joke! They were all pretty much in our vicinity too, so who knows who else was there and we didn't know it.
We had been sitting in our seat about 15 minutes when "they" came in. You know it wouldn't be an experience that involved me if there wasn't an obnoxious component to the story. The DM's had arrived. What does DM stand for you ask? Drunk. Mom. There were about 8 of them, and they were all drunk as skunks. There were more of them than there were kids that they had brought. In fact they were more excited than their girls. They should have been embarrassed. In fact, I was embarrassed for them! They didn't have enough clothes on, they were jumping around, and one was so drunk she was tripping all over the place. Hopefully they had a DD with them, or one of their husbands was picking them up. Anyway...on to the concert.

The concert was really good! Taylor Swift is just adorable and a very good entertainer. She sounded good and seemed very nice and funny. We had trouble at first getting good pictures of her because she moves so darn much. I think we got some pretty good ones though. I kind of wish she had gotten to play longer, because she was quite enjoyable.

When intermission was coming to an end in walked one of the DM's and her daughter. The daughter was crying hysterically, and not "I love you Sanjaya!" crying, this was Mama-done-me-wrong crying. Still don't know what happened there, but her DM was mean to her, and thankfully the lights went down shortly after so we didn't have to listen to/watch them anymore.
Rascal Flatts was up next. I got the ever livin' daylights scared out of me from the big boom and flash of light they had during their intro. I jumped and covered my eyes. It was so bright! They were good as well. They came over and hung out on our side more than Taylor was able to. I mean after all, there are three of them. Joe Don liked to hang out on our side, so we enjoyed that.
The DM's absolutely LOVED Rascal. They were constantly waving their arms in the air and they stood practically the entire time, so that means we stood as well. We couldn't see anything if we were sitting and they weren't. One thing is for certain, the drunker you get the more you play with your hair. I swear! The DM in front of my was touching her hair constantly. I call her the Leigh Ann Womack wanna be (She was the mean DM). At one point Gary came over and was singing in front of our section and I don't know if he mouthed something to them or what but I saw him nod, and then all the DM's went berzerk and were congratulating one DM. Not sure what happened there. You would have thought he hugged her or signed something for her, and really they didn't touch or anything. Maybe they were so drunk they thought he was closer than he was. Who knows.

(This little boy got to walk around the entire stage with Gary while he sang a song. He was so adorable waving to people and giving them high fives.)

The song they played right before they said goodnight was Here's To You. If you know this song you know that there is a verse in the song that says "There's a wet corvette, red lipstick print on a Coors Light cup, and judging by the way she's dancing I'd say she's had enough." Well, that lyric was oh so true. Those DM's had drank enough and they were insane! One DM was doing more of a head bang than a bob during the encore song. I seriously almost started video taping her she was so ridiculous.
Of course it's not a real country concert until someone jumps up on stage and gets carted off by security. (That's two concerts in a row I've been to that this has happened at!) The comedian Ron White was there and he was as drunk as a skunk too. He along with another unknown guy jumped up on stage during the encore and made huge fools of themselves. The difference was the other fool got taken away, Ron got to stay and act like an idiot until the end. Then there were the balloons and confetti that came down from the ceiling. We pretty much had an inkling that was going to happen because small pieces of confetti had been falling all night. I wish I had only had a warning of the big boom and flash of light during the intro.

So, all in all it was a good concert (minus the DM's). I must now go to bed, because I have a full day ahead of me.



Jeanette said...

I feel so sorry for those girls - how embarrassing to have mom's that act like a bunch of streetwalkers!!

Sounds like overall it was a great concert mixed in with a soap opera:}


Hol said...

Mama done me wrong. Hilarious.

I felt sorry for those girls too. :(

lisa said...

There's also something about "a mom and a dad in the aisle not acting their age"

I was cracking up while've done it again. :)