Friday, September 5, 2008

Temporary relief...

Well, I had to work tonight 11p-7a (yea...ick!), but someone I work with called and needed to switch, so I don't have to work tonight. :) Bad news... I have to work 7p-7a tomorrow night. :/ It's probably better this way, because I went to bed early last night (two early days in a row will do that to ya) so I was up at 10:30 this morning. That would not have been enough sleep to get me through until 7 in the morning. Now, I have a better chance of sleeping in later tomorrow for work.

This week went by pretty quickly. It seems like forever ago that it was my birthday, but actually it was just this past Monday. Keep flying time!! Graduation here I come!!

How much are you loving this cooler weather?? I'm not really loving the huge amount of rain that came with it, but it's cooler out none the less. I will miss those hot sunny days that were good for laying out by the pool, but I'm ready for Fall. I love when the leaves change and everything seems more crisp. The colors. The air. I just love it! I would probably say that Fall is my favorite season. Cooler, but not too cool that you need to be all bundled up, bonfires, walks outside without sweating to death. *Sigh* I love it!

Well, I should really get going. I need to go get ready and then run and get my parents something for dinner. Have a wonderful weekend!


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