Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Intermediate equals CHAOS!

Today for clinical I was teamed up with a nurse who was taking care of three intermediate patients. That means I was taking care of those patients. Well, two atleast. The third patient arrived around 10, so I just kept the other two and the primary nurse took on the extra client herself. It was insane! I did not sit down until 1p. That was when I finally got to start charting. You know, the charting that's supposed to be done by 9a. Yea, so I had all of that to do, plus the noon assessments. It took me 45 minutes to catch up on charting, and I'm sure that I missed something.
I'm exhausted, but I was a good girl and did some of my paperwork tonight. I even worked on one of the harder sections. Tomorrow should be an easier night to finish my LAST CLINICAL JOURNAL! Woohoo! I have got to start studying for my Complex exam that I have on Tuesday. I will not procrastinate! I think I will probably end up devoting the entire day on Friday to studying and my reward will be a concert that night! :)
Oh, did I forget to mention that I started my first IV today? Woohoo! I wasn't too sure about the vein the primary nurse and I had picked out, but I took a chance and decided to try. It was pretty awesome. I got it on the first attempt, and I didn't make a mess. :) I'm quite proud if you can't tell. :p
Alright, well I must go to bed. I'm wiped out, and I have another clinical day ahead of me still before I can call it a week.
Hope all are doing well and you are enjoying the burst of warmer weather. May be the last bit of summer we have until next year. Savor it while you can...


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