Thursday, June 18, 2009

Productivity Makes Me Happy...

Yes people, that is right. I have finally completed for you Days two and three of my "What Happens in Vegas" series. :)

In addition to this lovliness I also had lunch with a friend, took the dog to the vet, got my hair trimmed, and have listened to the songs Halo by Beyonce and Crazier by Taylor Swift [with an occasional Single Ladies thrown in] about a billion times. I'm not sure how that last part is productive, per se, but I do know it's keeping me going as I blog for you all.

As it is now past midnight and I've virtually been up since 4am due to the nasty storms that blew threw this morning I am going to go to bed and sleep the day away tomorrow so I can be prepared for my three in a row. Yuk!


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