Monday, June 15, 2009

All I Want to Do...'Til Summer Comes Around

Thursday night Hol, Lis, a friend of our's Tara, and I went to the Keith Urban and Sugarland concert. It was Phe-nomenal! We've seen Keith once before, but we were highly anticipating Sugarland. They did not disappoint. The only complaint I have (because you knew there would be one. Hello, it's a concert. There's always something. :p) is that there were annoying girls in front of us during Sugarland and even more annoying women in front of us during Keith Urban. The girls during Sugarland wanted to stand and wave their arms like uncoordinated maniacs. That's all fine and dandy... if we weren't in the nosebleed section!

(the annoying girls)

(our imitation of the annoying girls)

Then the girls left (or relocated) during the KU portion of the concert and we thought we were home free. Oh boy, were we wrong! The women a couple rows in front of us were even worse than the girls. By the end we were praying the girls would come back and the drunk women would fall over the railing. [Did I just say that out loud?]

Besides all that the concert was amazing and I would definitely see both of them in concert again.

(Click on the following images to enlarge)

What a wonderful way to kick off the summer. :)



Hol said...

Fun scrapbook pages. :)

Missed my alarm clock ringing, woke up telephone screaming...

Ok, I'll stop but I can sing you the whole song. :)

Lisa said...

Love the pages! I was cracking up at our lovely friends...