Thursday, June 4, 2009

Original...or Remake?

Just because I can't stop with the videos it seems (or anything else prolonging the posting of my vacation recap) I'm wondering what you all have to say about this....

Joe Jonas recently did a "remake" (if you would even call it that) music video of Beyonce's song 'Single Ladies'. I finally got to watch it this afternoon and I must say it disturbs me.

[I also saw the Justin Timberlake version from SNL and it was quite funny from what I remember.
However, he had back up dancers, so that gives him an edge for sure. oh yea, and the fact that he had BEYONCE in it.]

You wonder what Taylor Swift is thinking about this. [See Taylor's song Forever and Always if you do not know what I am referring to.] Anyway, I hope your eyes don't start to bleed while watching this. I had to cover my face a few times in that 'I'm embarrassed for this person' sort of way.


Atleast we'll always know if Joe is lip-syncing his words. He is a horrible lip syncer!


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