Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old Woman has Returned....

I fell asleep at 9:30 last night. That's just plain ridiculous! I had a headache, which I had had for most of the afternoon, so I decided to lay down in bed a little before 9. Turns out closing my eyes helped a little. Well the bad thing is that I was in and out of sleep for a half an hour and then totally out at 9:30 so I missed the new episode of Tori & Dean. Sadness. :( I don't have DVR either. [I'm finding more and more reasons to get that thing].

Yesterday I went to the pool for the first time this summer. It was glorious! The water was just right so that you could hang half out of the water and not feel like you were going to evaporate because it was so hot outside. I'm going to the pool again today, so I'm quite excited. However I'm not excited about the zit on my chin the size of a planet [we'll just say the size of Mercury, because it's a small planet, and it will make me feel better] and the fact that my hair is totally frizzed out because of the humidity. *Sigh*

Last night I motivated myself to clean my bedroom by treating myself to Subway and Ice Cream. Dinner can't get anymore perfect than that. I actually made a dent in the mountain of clothes that have been piled on my chair for the last month and a half since the last time I cleaned my room. My headache deterred the rest of the cleaning. I'm determined to finish it tonight though and then start working on my desk tomorrow. I won't even tell you how atrocious that has gotten. I think the downfall to having a bigger desk is that it holds more junk and miscellaneous items.

Well I need to go do some prep work for dinner tonight and eat something before the pool.


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