Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"What Happens in Vegas" Day 2

Our second day in Las Vegas was full of walking. We got to sleep in a little bit, which was nice. Little did we know at the time, but our little legs needed every minute of rest they got.

Our goal today was to hit the Fashion Show Mall and see as many of the hotel/casinos as we could. Our first stop was the Fashion Show Mall. The mall was located at the other end of the strip, so we took the tram and monorail and got as far as we could without walking. We were all starving by that point so we had a very early lunch (10:30a) of KFC inside the mall's foodcourt. I don't think it was our intention, but we ate super cheap on this vacation. I think my KFC lunch cost me less than $4. Ironically enough the gelato that we got at the stand outside the mall cost more than that. Ridiculous! We split one scoop three ways and that one scoop was almost $5. You would have thought we'd been eating off of golden spoons.... well atleast nickel anyway.

We shopped for a bit, not really finding too much, but enjoying being in the air-conditioned mall. We headed over to Starbucks after that. I'd been wanting coffee ever since I woke up, and couldn't wait any longer. We sipped our drinks (well Hol and I did. Lisa's not a coffee drinker) and then headed off in search of the umbrellas. A friend of ours had just been in Vegas a couple of weeks prior to our trip and she said there were colorful umbrellas suspended in the air in one of the hotels. Well, it took us awhile to find it, but we finally did. After taking a gazillion pictures outside of the Wynn's beautiful waterfall and flowers we wandered into the Palazzo where the umbrellas were. To say we were fascinated would be an understatement. We were borderline obsessed.

This day seemed to be very warm so we tried to escape into the a/c as often as possible. We hopped over to the Mirage next. They have a Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden exhibit with dolphins and lions/tigers. You have to walk through the whole hotel/casino it seemed until you go to the exhibit, but it sounded like something we would like to do to waste an hour or so. The shade made it nice to be outside. Between me and Hol we probably took a bazillion pictures of the dolphins and lions/tigers. I love animals though, so it wasn't hard for me to keep snapping away.

Also inside the Mirage is the Terry Fator store. This is where you can buy a souvenir from his show. We browsed there for awhile and then we decided we needed a rest, so we sat down and people watched, looked at pictures, and texted friends. What did we do before texting? This I do not know...

After our little break we decided to head on over to Caesar's Palace. They have several fountain/statue shows so we thought we'd catch a few on our way through to the Cheescake Factory. Word of advice: Do not stop at the first fountain show! [Mainly the one pictured]Most boring 5 minutes of my life! I thought there was going to be a cool light show or something on the ceiling because thunder kept sounding, but nothing ever happened. The statues talked a little, the guy on the throne drank our of his wine glass (which in actuality, had it been filled with wine would have spilled all down the front of him), and I lost 5 precious minutes of my life. So sad....

We arrived at Cheesecake factory and were quickly escorted to our seats. I was pretty hungry, since we had such an early lunch, so I was ready for some pizza. Little did I know that we would have the bossiest waiter in all the restaraunt. Will, that was his name, seemed friendly enough in the beginning. He chatted with us about our visit to Las Vegas, and asked if we got past security to get in [President Obama was there, you know?]. However, as soon as we started to order he went into bossy mode. Everything we tried to order he gave us this look like we were children and stupid children at that, and would presume to tell us we didn't want that. Well, Will, what do I want? Tell me... I don't want a yummy cheese and tomato pizza? I don't want a yummy salad for the side? I don't, huh? Fascinating, because I thought, you know, I was the one making decisions for myself. Hmm... good to know that's not the case. In all honesty he was right about the salad part. It was way ginormous, but the pizza was really good and I probably could have eaten the whole thing. Instead Lisa and I split (from orders of Will) and Holli had some sandwich he made her order. He also custom ordered her sandwich because the original would have been too much for her. He would know...

After eating we left as quickly as possible. For one, to get away from Will, and two to get away from where President Obama was. I didn't want to be trapped in Caesar's Palace with absurdly boring fountain shows and bossy Will. We did make a quick pit-stop in F.A.O. Schwartz though.

We headed back to the Mirage to pick up our Terry Fator tickets at the ticket counter, and then decided to rest again. From all that I've shared it doesn't seem like we walked very much, but oh did we ever. We walked over 25,000 steps! [Lisa wore a pedometer this day. I don't want to mislead you into thinking that I counted every step we took. That would be plain insanity!] Apparently that translates over into 12.16 miles, and we burned 700 calories. No wonder Lisa had blisters on her feet from her sandals. Thank God for skecher's, that's all I have to say.

We waited around a bit and then finally it was time for the show to start. If you have not seen Terry Fator I recommend you do. He'll be in Vegas for somewhere around 4 1/2 years, so if you're ever out that way you should catch a show. I've seen his act twice. Very good both times. He also lets you take pictures and a little bit of video. Now who else is going to let you do that? Super nice guy!

We pretty much called it a night after that. We found our way to the beloved Monorail and made the trek through MGM to the tram. There was talks of Krispy Kreme, but that idea was nixed when Lisa thought we might miss the tram and she didn't want to walk anymore. Can't blame her [12.16 miles people!].

P.S.-- Sorry these pictures are absolutely messed up, but I'm too tired to fix them right now.

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