Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just cake now...right?

Well, today I had my oral final. Yes, everyone say it together... "Eww". It wasn't that bad. There were a group of 11 of us and we just sat around and answered questions and tried to raise our hands faster than anyone else so we could get the first answer out. I hate environments like that, and I really can't say that it helped too much for the written final. I got an A so I guess I shouldn't complain. I'm just glad that it's over and I can move on.


I got to talk to my precious little Brooke on the phone tonight. Her dad called to see if I could watch them the 13th (but of course I can't because that's the day I graduate) and then this friday (but again, I can't because I already told Robin I would watch her kiddos). Well, I could hear her in the background and he said, "Hold on Brooke wants to talk to you." So pretty soon I hear her sweet little voice over the phone and she goes, "Megan! You gonna come see me?" I had to tell her no, but that I would see her soon. She replies with, "Tonight?" Haha... "No. Not tonight, but soon." "Soon?" "Yup. Soon." So she says, "Ok. See ya later!" So as she's passing the phone back to her dad I hear her telling him in an excited voice, "I gonna see Megan soon!" She's killin' me!!! I already miss them a ton, and the fact that I have pretty close to zero time free in my schedule in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas doesn't help the matter. I will definitely be seeing them soon though, because I can't stand it too much longer.


So does everyone want to see what my open house invites look like?? I think everyone should have gotten theres by now.

Aren't they good? I think Tara did an excellent job! :)


So... are you ready for the countdown? It's getting more and more things crossed off. :)

One Presentation
One Exam
Three Finals.
One paper
400 NCLEX/MedsPub questions (approximately)
One shift left of work on 2400.
One girl's weekend
Two One more MOPS until graduation.
One concert.
One retreat.
Three 1 1/2 weeks until Graduation.
Two Five days until finals.

Getting closer, and getting more freaked out. I registered for my graduate nurse orientation. That's not my RN orientation, but it will allow me to work in the "graduate nurse" role until I pass the NCLEX, which by the way I still don't have any information on. Ugh! I'm getting a little tired of this.


I have been a reading fool the last couple of days. I finished my one book that I've been reading since the beginning of the semester. I think I was 50 pages in or something, so I finished that Saturday before work, then started another one right after. I have 100 pages left and then I'm moving on to the next. I can't seem to get my fill now that I have a little more spare time. I am a bookworm that is for sure.


Well, that's all I have for now. I'm tapped. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I never did blog about mine did I? Hmm... well let's just say instead of board games this year we playeed Wii. Even my dad got in on the action. :)

(He's not dancing in this picture, even though it looks like it. There was a valiant effort to get him to do the 'dancing with the stars' wii game though, but alas he chose to play tennis instead)

(This is my Aunt Joy's puppy Bizzi. She weighs like 1.5 lbs. The other one (Ladi) was a wild thing and I didn't get my picture taken with her.)

OK, I think I'm really done this time. I'm doing an online final tomorrow with Robin and Ashley at our trusty food place of choice..Panera. :) Then I'll only have two tests standing in the way of me and graduation! :)


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Jeanette said...

Go Harry! Go Harry! Get your grove on get your grove on. Ok, sorry had to get that out of my system :}

Got your invite today. VERY. COOL!