Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Graduation in pictures...

Alright, here are pictures and a short video of my graduation. Not much else to say except the lighting was horrible in the ballroom, the ceremony was 3 hours long, and I GRADUATED!!! :)

(I think this was when I turned around from getting my hands "blessed" and saw the paparazzi (aka Hol and Lisa) taking my picture like mad.)

(my pinning and getting my diploma)

(I graduated... my real diploma is in that envelope)

(The three muskateers!)

(The three sisters)


(Me and my cake)

(Me, Ellen, Aunt Betty and Zoe... two out of three isn't bad in the smiling department)

(Adorable Nora)

(Kim and Me)

(Jen and Me.. best complex partners ever!)

(Aunt Jody, Me and Mal)

(The Buchens and half of the Rumpfs)

(Brian and Robin...aren't they cute?)

(Dad and his "twin" Cam)
(Andi (& baby girls), Dave, and Me)
(Me with Mr and Mrs Smith)
(The Steffens)
(Me and sweet Taya)
(Me and Ash...check out the shirt Robin got Ashley (& me) for Graduation...too cute!)

Well, I think that's pretty much it. You get the jist anyway. :)

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