Friday, December 5, 2008

"Are you a student?"

So tonight I watched Robin's kiddos so that she and Brian could go out to dinner with her family. They were funny, as always, and went down to bed very well. They hadn't been down 5 minutes and Brian and Robin arrived. Robin asked if I wanted to go see a movie so we headed off for the 9:10 show.

When we got there it was surprising how many people were out. A lot of them I knew. So this is what people my age do when they aren't bogged down with school work. Anyway, we got there and Robin went ahead of me. She paid, got her ticket and moved to the side so I could get mine. I told the kid behind the counter what movie I wanted to see and he punched it in and then gave me the once over. I looked back at him not sure what he was thinking(mind you this all transpired over about 2 seconds). Then he says, "Uh, are you a student?" I thought to myself "for 8 more days I am!" I said, "yes, I am." Just like that... $1.50 fell off the price of my ticket. Next to me Robin was like "What?! I'm a student too!" We started cracking up! I think the kid felt bad and didn't know what to do. I think he was just wishing us to move along so he could get the other people behind us their tickets. Robin said, "I feel so old." I don't think that Robin is old. In fact, I know she's not. I just think he thought she was more mature looking. She was all glammed up with her sparkly lip gloss and her freshly cut hair that was all hair sprayed and big. :) (heehee, just kidding Robin! You know I love ya!) Anyway, we got a good laugh out of that.

Oh what great friends you make in nursing school.


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Robin said...

Hilarious!!!! I am still laughing about that incident at the movies. Also, that movie was so funny! I am still laughing about it today. I guess I should stop with the lip gloss and make sure I have no big hair!!!! That was fun last night!