Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis!

Well, I'm technically late on this post, but I was not late in real life, so I guess this doesn't count...
Anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLI! You're -- years old! :) I'm not sharing your age, but really no one would believe you were that age anyway. You still look like you're my age. :)

My sister. The sister that I am 10 years and 3 days apart from. The sister who always helps me with my school work. The sister that always takes me somewhere if I need it. The sister who sings to me in the car when no one else is around. The sister who shops with me for birthday cards to give to one another when we are standing right next to eachother. The sister I can share my frustrations with and she will listen patiently. The sister I act so much alike. My friend.

Although those are just a few things I could never really put into words how much I love my big sis and how much she means to me, so this little blog entry will just act as a snippet.

Happy Birthday Holli!

I love you to pieces!



hol said...

Well that was precious. Love you too!

Jeanette said...

Happy belated, Holli!