Monday, August 4, 2008

A Cardinal's Game...Suite!

Well, I'm back. Not fully recovered from my lack of sleep, but I'm good. Would be better if the Cards had actually won the game, but we won't go into that.

It was hotter than Hades when we got to STL, and of course we were not so smart and decided to walk from the stadium to the arch, down through the park, down several blocks, and around the corner to use Old Spaghetti Factory's bathrooms (yes, I'm sure there were closer ones and yet we walked that far). We picked up an ice cream on the way back to the stadium and that refreshed us enough to make the journey.

The new stadium is gorgeous! The brick, the statues, the voice recordings that can be heard around the stadium perimeter, the old bricks that are paved into the sidewalks... All of it was just a part of the whole experience. I probably could have taken pictures all day, but I refrained to just a couple so I didn't look so tourist like. ;)

The suite that we were in was just that... Sweet! It was decked out with a flat screen tv, leather chairs, air conditioning, yummy food, and one of the best amenities... a clean bathroom! Plus we had stellar seats! What more could you ask for?

Lou Brock was at the game. I believe he is best known for stealing bases. :) Can you tell I don't follow sports very closely? I got a nice picture of him and his wife talking to fans though. Dad's excitement was all I needed to snap a picture of him. :) Holli was snap happy as well. She took around 100 pictures before and during the game. I was surprisingly subdued during this trip.

Well, since this is probably what you've all been waiting for are some of the pictures we got. Enjoy!


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Dave and Andi said...

FYI...I'm stealing your camera! hehe
You get such AMAZING pictures!