Friday, August 8, 2008

Backyard Scream... UPDATE!

OK, so first off, sorry people! As I was telling the story to you all I didn't think you would all be so freaked out about it being my dad that was the one screaming. In all honesty I was telling it as I experienced it and I didn't know it wasn't my dad either until I saw with my own two eyes and heard the screams. So, sorry again! Dad is alive and well and getting some much needed sleep before he takes his junior high kids to Six Flags all day tomorrow.

Update on the kid... He got 4 stitches. That's it! He was lucky the cut was long ways up and down his foot and not across the width. The ickiness sticking out was just "meat" (as my dad put it) and they sewed him up and sent him home. So hopefully he thinks twice before he's running around outside without shoes on.

I'm exhausted. I was running around finding white scrubs for school today and I HATE that job! White is so unattractive and it seems that since no one wears all white unless they have to, stores don't carry matching uniforms. Plus most of the tops makes you look like a box! The most frustrating thing about the whole experience is that I had to have TWO uniforms this semester and then I'm done. No more white unless I want to! Finding the pants wasn't nearly as hard as finding the tops. My "quick trip" ended up being 2 hours long. Ugh!

After that ordeal I decided to come home and lay out on the deck for a bit. It felt good to be out in the sun, even though I wish I were at a pool. I think I got a miniscule amount of color and I also got to read a little bit which is always a plus.

Tonight was Girl's Night In at Hol's. We had spaghetti and garlic bread and watched two movies (Vantage Point and Sydney White). Two totally different types of movies but both equally enjoyable. We briefly watched some of the Olympics opening ceremony and that was about it. Now I think I'm going to crawl into bed and get some shut eye. Hol and I might go see a movie in the theatre tomorrow, so I'll let you know if we see anything good. Hope you all enjoy your Saturday! I hear there is a chance for rain and storms. But hey, if it does then you can just stay inside and watch the Olympics. I LOVE summer olympics! There's some swimming on in the am I think. Enjoy! :)


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Dave and Andi said...

Had so much fun last night and the movies were VERY enjoyable. I have been enjoying the Olympics all day and have been very excited with all the swimmers doing so well. Go Phelps! He got his gold yay!
Have a great day tomorrow! Love ya =)