Sunday, July 13, 2008

Megan...Hoddie...and Katie?

Last night I got to watch Luke, Mer, and Brooke. As I walked through the front door I saw Becky up in the hallway upstairs, said hello, and looked down just in time to see Brooke stand up on the counter. I for sure thought she was gonna jump right off to get to me. Luckily Mer was there to lift her off and she safely ran to me and I picked her up. Nothing like a Brooke greeting to make you feel good. :)

It's only been a few weeks and I noticed that she is talking even more than before. She is talking so....proper. When I picked her up she said "Can we go for a car ride to a place?" Haha! Can you tell that when it's just me and her we are usually out and about doing something? After we got past the fact that we weren't going to go anywhere she and I sat down on the couch for a little catch up session. I asked her about what she did that day, what she did on vacation.... They went to "Minsota" and stayed at their cabin like they do every year for the 4th. I asked her if they went out on a boat and she looked at me all serious and said, "Yes we did. It was a differnt boat dough." I asked her if they did turtle races (that's something they do every year up there...race turtles). At first she said no, then she got all serious again and repeated, "Yes we did." She is so cute!! So we talked a little bit longer and we went over the fact that she slept last night in her room (That's what she said when I asked her what she did today). Then I asked if she took a nap and she said yes. I told her "I wish I could have taken a nap today" and she thought that was the funniest thing ever. I mean really...grown ups don't need naps! Then out of the blue she looks at me and says "I gots a mole on my butt." I almost DIED laughing! She started giggling at me, but oh my word it was so funny. Becky had come into the kitchen and didn't quite hear what she said but all she heard was me laughing. She asked Brooke what she said and Brooke proudly informed her about the "mole on her butt". Becky got a good chuckle out of it too. The inner workings of a 2 year old's brain are quite quizzical sometimes.
Once Dan and Becky left Mer, Brooke and I sat on the couch together while the girls at those popsicles that come in the plastic tube. Brooke noticed that I had something in my pocket so I pulled out my cell phone and showed her that's what was in there. She flipped it open and as my wallpaper right now I have a picture of Me, Hol and Lisa. She excitedly exclaimed, "Megan!" Then she pointed to Holli (aka "Hoddie") and then when she got to Lisa she said Megan again. I said no that's Lisa. Well she ran through the three of us several more times and everytime Lisa was someone different. More than once she referred to her as Katie. Where did that come from? So from then on we were known as Megan, Hoddie, and Katie. Two out three isn't bad.
Well, Luke disappeared upstairs for most of the night and Meredith zonked out on the couch around 8:45. I think that was when the highlight of Miss Brooke's night occurred. Hoddie called! I flipped open to answer my phone and Brooke immediately said "I want to talk to her!" For whatever reason she is quite fond of Holli even though she's only seen her a few times. She talked to her about swimming, her ouchie on her knee and who knows what else. I'm just glad she didn't mention the mole on her butt again. ;) Finally, to get Holli off of the phone I told Brooke that Holli had to go nigh-night. She said goodbye about 5 times and then when I hung up she looked at me quizzically and asked, "Why Hoddie go to sleep about?" Did I mention that she is stinkin' cute? After I explained about 3 times that Holli was tired and had to go to bed so she could get up early she was satified with the answer and moved on to wanting something to eat again. The girl ate all night! She must be growing! Luke came down and I ended up feeding them both chicken and noodles since Luke didn't have any supper. That was when I cut her off for the night and told her she had to lay down and "rest". If you avoid saying bedtime she is pretty agreeable to just "rest".
Well, it was about 10:40 when Dan and Becky got home and she was still awake! She ran up to Dan and started talking his ear off. When he asked if anyone called she proudly said "Hoddie called Dada!" The girl loves her Hoddie. Then she moved on to Becky. I swear the way she was acting you would have thought I just gave her a pound of sugar and 3 red bulls! She was bouncing off the walls and talking like crazy. When Becky went to write me a check Brooke told her, "I take Megan home." Becky laughed and told her I was a big girl and could drive myself. Brooke insisted that I could not drive and she would take me home. :) I would take her home with me in a heartbeat!
All good things must of course come to an end.... They weren't home 10 minutes and she was crying on the floor about something. I guess she was crashing from her "high". Becky and I talked for a few minutes more and then I headed home.
Well, now that you have the whole run down of my night (but serisouly what could I have left out? She's so funny and cute!) I guess I will finally call it a night...or day. Whatever. I work tonight, and I'm on a new floor so it will be an adjustment tonight. I hate change sometimes! It's ridiculous that I have to switch floors for only two weeks. I was in a groove on the floor, now I have to reorient myself to something new. Ugh.... Alright, I'll stop complaining now.
Have a good Sunday everyone!



Holli said...

Aww, I love her too. Nothing like being called Hoddie. :) The mole thing was hilarious. Have a good night at work.

Jeanette said...

She sounds like a real sweetie! Praying your new floor went well last night.

blessedwith5 said...

You are an award winner - go to my blog and get it!