Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can I get a fast forward button please?

I wish it was 14 hours in the future. That means I would just be getting off of work and I could be coming home to my bed. I had a good night last night..busy, but good. One of our kiddos was in isolation though, and not that I think I'm too good to take care of an isolation patient, but it makes me more tired because you have to add a couple extra steps before entering the room. It's not just the physical part of it, but the mental as well. You constantly have to be on your toes so you don't forget. Don't want to be spreading C-diff around now do we? I'm sure we'll be there again tonight, and I'm tired just thinking about it. I love that kiddo though! She's adorable and happy 95% of the time. We love that! :)
We were busy ALL night last night. Both kiddos had vitals due every hour, I was running blood gases every other hour it seemed, and to top it off one of our kiddos was throwing up. Ugh! Hopefully the poor thing has been able to keep something down today.
I have Thursday night off, so I guess I can hold out for another 14 hours and then I can rejoice with a night off. What will I do?? Where will I go??? Probably nothing and nowhere, but atleast I have the option! :)
Alright, I should probably choose something to wear. I'm thinking of opting for scrub bottoms and a tee again. I feel more comfortable that way and if I'm going to be running around again tonight, comfort is a must! Speaking of comfort...I got some socks from Old Navy on Sunday and I wore a pair last night. They were fantastic! They were soft, breathable, and stylish to boot! I think I'll wear another pair tonight! :)
Alright people, have a good night! Cherish your health and hug and kiss those little ones. As I've seen... life can change in an instant, and I don't want to see you on my floor!!


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blessedwith5 said...

I hope your night goes better tonight! I do not envy you or your little patients that have to be in the hospital!

Thanks for taking good care of others!