Friday, November 2, 2007

Babies, babies, and more babies!


I never in my life thought that my first day on Labor and Delivery would be so busy. I anticipated it to be kind of slow, with not much going on, where I would just be standing around doing nothing all day. WRONG! Today was so wild and crazy that it was 12 before I knew it.
I got to see two, count 'em TWO, C-Sections today!! They were crazy! The first one was around 8:30 and it was actually my patient that I saw. Then when I was with her in recovery, my instructor pulled me out of the room to go see and emergency C-Section. That was the time I got to give the baby it's vitamin K shot, and erythromycin in his eyes. I was the one who weighed the baby and got his height and first set of vitals. Then I got to wrap him up all snug and hand him to daddy. It was pretty cool!
After that I took Dad and Baby to the newborn nursery where the baby could get cleaned up, assessed, and have his footprints taken. That was when I snuck away in the small room in the nursery where a circumcision was going on. Poor baby! He was screaming bloody murder... that is until they gave him some sucrose. Yummy! By then it was 12:15 and I hadn't written anything down from the chart on my mom. So basically I just gathered information the rest of the afternoon, and tried to come down from my adrenaline high.
Another student also had an exciting morning. His patient was dilated at 5 (and some other stuff that I don't quite understand yet... effacement, etc), so the nurse and instructor left him with her to do vitals or something. The next thing he knows she's telling him, "You better go get the doctor or something." He asked, "why?". She said, "I feel a lot of pressure." So he goes and gets the nurse and tells her. The nurse pulls back the sheet and the baby's head is already out!!!! She told the student, "Quick!! Go get help!!!" He runs out to the nurse's station (which mind you is about a 2 second walk from the room), and he yells-- get this-- "Yo! Let's go!" Several people ran in the room to see the nurse holding the baby yelling, "Quick get me some blankets and scissors to cut the cord!" This whole event transpired in all of about 1 minute. Quite insane on the L&D floor today.
Anyway.... needless to say there were about 6 babies born while we were on the floor from 7-2. It was quite insane, but oh so much fun!
Now I get to study for OB and finish up some paperwork. Oh yea! :p
I'm off for now...................

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Holli said...

You didn't tell me all of that... silly sister! Fun day for you!