Saturday, October 13, 2007

Full Mind After a Full Day

Today started earlier than I would have hoped. It was a pretty good day overall though. It started off with a "conference" sponsered by Bethany Baptist. I say "conference" because it was only a little over an hour long, and there was only one speaker. That doesn't define a conference for me, but it was good none the less. Candace Cameron Bure was the speaker. You know.... DJ Tanner from Full House.

She was quite phenomenal. I could have listened to her all morning instead of just 45 minutes. Anyway... she told her story about coming to Christ and the journey on her spiritual walk. She gave me alot to think about. It's a shame if you missed it.
After the conference us girls (Hol, Lis, and Janeie) went to Panera for lunch. Yummy! I was quite pleased with my turkey sandwich and soup. I think I ate too much though, because all I wanted to do afterwards was take a nap. Us sisters went shopping though (I studied in the car). I got a chocolate brown fall coat from Gap, a camera case from Target, and a small purse from American Eagle. I just needed something smaller that would hold some money, my phone, and a few other small things. It made me laugh when I saw it though. It looked like one of my cousin's purses. My cousin Michelle is so funny. We went out to eat sometime over the summer, and when she went to go pay for her food, she pulled out a small purse from inside her big purse, and I think there was another wallet type thing inside the smaller purse. I guess she really wanted to make sure she had her money in a safe place so she wouldn't lose it. :) It was like Fort Knox in there.
Speaking of cousins... I'd like to take this time to thank my cousin Rachel. I went over to visit my aunt Friday after clinical (the aunt who got hit by a truck and broke her wrist), and Rachel kindly introduced me to a most wonderful game.... Guitar Hero. I didn't play very long because I had to get home, but I can see how that would easily become addictive. It was very enjoyable, so Rach..."Thanks!!!".
I rounded my day off today with a little bit of studying. woohoo. I have a test Monday afternoon, and then hopefully I will have a couple weeks off without tests. This last week has been exhausting for me.
For now I bid you adieu. I must go to bed. I'll be around sometime this week though.

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