Tuesday, October 23, 2007

All the things I hate about today...

Today was just not a good day.

1. I had to get up early and go meet with the counselor for my SOS meeting.

2. I had to watch two totally outdated videos for OB

3. Did I mention I had to get up early?

4. When Ashley and I were coming back to school from lunch a big truck flipped up a rock that hit my windshield and cracked it! At first I didn't notice it, I just heard the rock hit. Then another rock hit the windshield (Stupid Truck!). That's when I noticed a 4 inch crack on the drivers side. So needless to say, I was not too happy about that.

5. Ethics was agonizingly boring today! I was also quite upset to hear our instructor say that we had to retake a part of the exam because a bunch of stupid people in our class didn't turn over the written part of the exam and complete the long essay part. So now we have to study all over again for the essay part. Gah!!!!

6. Then our last speaker was late, or rather a no-show. Pesely kept us for 25 minutes before deciding our speaker wasn't coming, so he let us leave 30 minutes early. (Now you're probably thinking... "Well, that was a good end to your day... why are you so unhappy?" Just wait....

7. I get out to my car only to discover that the crack has grown to TWICE it's length!!! Now, it is impairing my vision. Ugh!!
Now I am sitting here getting my venting session over with so that I can maybe concentrate on some studying. I doubt that will happen, but I'll give it a try.

I am not thinking tomorrow will be much better either since I have to get up at 5:15 so that I can leave the house by 6:15, get to school by 6:45 to pick up Tiffany, and then drive out to a local hospital through all the construction on the main road to get there. oh yipee skippy. Hopefully I will get there on time, otherwise "M.D." will give me a "U" for the day.

*Sigh* I'm off for now. Maybe I'll indulge in a big bowl of ice cream tonight to numb my sorrows. (Get it? Numb... Cold... Ice cream is cold..........)

Anyway, pray I make it through the rest of the week. It's only Tuesday and I'm having a mini meltdown!

Until next time.............

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