Monday, October 8, 2007

Can I skip Tuesday's?

As I type this I am being serenaded by the lovely sound of a train whistle... from all the way across town. Did I mention that it was 11 o'clock at night? It normally wouldn't bother me, because once I'm asleep, I'm asleep. However, when I'm awake I find it quite annoying.
Anyway... moving on. What shall we talk about tonight? All I did tonight was study for my ethics test tomorrow. yea. Can you tell I'm enthused about it? That's what I thought.
Oh, that's a lie. I didn't only study tonight. I watched a little tv as well. I pretty much was doing both simultaneously. I watched Dancing with the Stars and then Jon and Kate Plus 8. That show is insane. You have to give them props for handling all those kids. Especially her since she stays at home with them. If you have never seen that show, you should, just to see the constant chaos these people endure everday.
Tomorrow is my least favorite day of the week. I know what you're thinking. The worst day of the week is Monday. Oh no... not for me. Tuesday is the WORST!!! Why you ask? Well, one word... ETHICS!! Not only is the class, quite frankly agonizing, but it doesn't start until 1. Talk about throwing a wrench in my day. Then when it ends at 4 I have to go get my Psych assignment (thankfully only for one more day!). But tomorrow there is a ray of sunlight after that. Robin, Ashley, and I are going out for dinner. Yea!!! We're going to Bar Louie at the mall, because every Tuesday night they have $1 burgers. How fantastic is that?? So I look forward to that after my test tomorrow.
Ok, well I better go to bed. I'm getting up early to study some more before class. I'm still trying to figure out the whole posting of pictures thing, but once I do I will get a couple pics up, don't worry.
Alright, well that's all for tonight. I'm out...........

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