Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jack Frost Better Back Off....

I can just feel Jack in the air waiting to cover the ground in frost as early as possible, but I'm just not quite ready to let go of summer yet. I love Fall, but Summer was entirely too short this year. We had very mild temperatures and I only went to the pool twice. That's just wrong!

I've switched my fan settings to low at night instead of medium, but when I woke up today I thought I was just short of being a popsicle. I'm not ready to let go of my fan yet either. That really makes it official that Summer has come to a close. However, it was quite nice to be driving yesterday with the windows down and letting the wind blow through my hair. It was the perfect weather of not too hot, not too cold.

I'm in the middle of a six day stretch off of work and I've been enjoying it immensely, except for the fact that I have overslept two days and it totally ruined my plans for the day. I hate that! I have a few more things on my list that I want to do before going back to work on Wednesday, so hopefully I can get those done and I will feel very accomplished with my time off.

For now I will just enjoy laying in bed, watching movies, and doing absolutely nothing. :)


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Jeanette said...

I totally wish I could do that! Enjoy while you can - it is back to the real world tomorrow :}