Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday...to Me!

What's a girl to do on her birthday? Well, since I was on my own until dinner time I decided to sleep in a little. What better present is there than sleep? I'm not sure.

I got up at 10:30a, ate some toast and got ready. I was determined to not stay at home all day on "my" day. Well, once I was ready I couldn't decide what to do. I hadn't thought the plan out very well obviously. After texting with my sis for a little bit I decided to head out to the bank to cash a check, then go to Sonic for a birthday treat. Who am I kidding? I would have gone regardless of it being my birthday, but I did treat myself to some mozzarella sticks. Yum! Sadly this was all before 2p so I had to pay full price for my DCL (and don't think I didn't consider waiting, but since I was already out I thought it would be a waste to come back). Once I had my food I decided to head to the park. It was just so nice out I couldn't stand the thought of going back inside just yet. So there I was... at the park... sitting in my car...alone. Some may have thought it pathetic, but there was also a middle-aged woman doing the same thing. ...Don't say anything.

After that I ran by my cousins house to return a book and dvd I had borrowed, snuggled one of her babies for a little while and headed home so my grandparents could come visit me. It's their annual tradition to come over on our birthdays and visit for awhile, since our lives are so busy any other time, they make it a point to see everyone on their birthdays.

For dinner the sisters brought LaGondola (yum!) and then us girls headed off to a baby shower for someone at church.

This shower was the strangest one I've ever been to. When we got to the shower all was fine and dandy. The guest of honor wasn't there yet, but the cutest decorations were around. The shower was for a baby girl to be named Grace and her theme was cowgirl. Adorable!! However, when the mama fially arrived she informed us all that at her doctor's appointment today they told her it was a BOY! She's due in 2 weeks!!! Talk about a surprise! The grandma pulled out a sonogram and said "Who's a nurse?". I didn't want to say, but of course everyone around me is saying "Megan is!" Thanks for ratting me out people! So I looked at the sono for her and sure enough there was a male piece of the anatomy for all the world to see. Poor baby! Exposed before he'd even entered the world officially. The saddest part about the whole thing is that then she had to open all of these gifts from people and 90% of them were pink! I felt so bad for her. It was so funny, because if something was unisex people would start applauding and the mom would go "This will work!" Poor thing!

On the way home I got serenaded by my mom and sisters. Can you guess the song? ;)

So, here I am.... the Birthday Girl... All 23 years of me. :) [No pictures with anyone else, so all you get is me...sorry.]

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes and cards!


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