Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Samaritan Shut Down!

I love animals. Not all animals, but most of them. I get it from my mom. As a little girl I can remember being with my mom and if we saw a little dog on the side of the road we would automatically stop and pick it up, find out where it lived or take it home with us. Of course, we didn't keep them all. I think my dad would have gone insane, but we always made sure they got to a safe place.

Well, as an adult I seem to have adopted all of those same "Good Samaritan" habits. As I was driving home from my sister's house tonight I had not even made it two blocks before I saw a little puppy in the middle of the road. It's was a cute little thing and I sat there for a moment deciding what to do. It didn't go into a yard, so I carefully maneuvered around the corner and put my car in park. I sat there looking at it for a second, and as it's brown little eyes looked at me, I knew I couldn't leave it there. It had a tag on it's collar so I determined that I would figure out its address and take it back home.

There was a man in the backyard of the house it was by so I was going to get out and ask him if it was his. Well, the second I got out of the car and started toward the little pup it started barking like a maniac. It was hysterical! I decided since it ran into the grass (away from me) that it was safe enough there for me to go ask the guy in the backyard if the dog was his. Well by the time I got to the fence the guy was gone. Great, now what was I supposed to do? Meanwhile this dog is still barking like mad the most high pitched annoying bark I've ever heard. It was still in the grass so I got back in my car and called my sister to tell her about it. As I relayed the story to her the dog was STILL barking! I finally decided that I would leave it in the yard, choosing to believe that it was her (his?) yard, and head on home. I was totally shut down. Here I was trying to do a good thing and that little dog was having absolutely none of it. Of course I had to take a picture of it first before I left.

(You see that little speck in the grass? That is the dog.)

As I drove away it was still barking. I was cracking up the whole way home. I'm sure that this poor little dog thought I was going to dog-nap it or something. I was just trying to be a Good Samaritan and save it from being hit and it was just freaking out. Holli said, "It sounds like a car alarm. It just won't stop." That made me laugh even harder. It was like it was it's very own alarm system. "Help me! This crazy woman is trying to take me! Help!"

When I got home I relayed the whole story to my mom, and after she asked me if I brought it home for her, she started cracking up too. It seriously was the funniest thing that had happened to me all day.

Now I'll drive past that house and look for that yippy dog and wonder if that's where it really lives. So funny...


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heartsfullofluv said...

I just realized that your sister lives near me after seeing this picture. I don't think the dog belongs to that guy.
It doesn't look familiar from the neighborhood either.
Anyway, I'm just two streets away from that and can see that house from my house.