Monday, November 10, 2008

Not a creature was stirring...

Well... it's 7:15 and I'm babysitting. I was actually here at 6:30a. I was the only one up at my house this morning. Mom and Dad decided to take a vacation day since they are off for Veterans Day tomorrow. Of course I'll be in school, so no day off for me.

The kids are still sleeping, so after I post this I'm going to get started on some work. Hopefully they sleep for another half hour or so. Then I could get a good start on this journal/paper thing. My last one!!!

It's a nice feeling to being getting closer to the finish line. I am officially finished with Meds Pub. Woohoo! Now all I have left is my NCLEX questions for this month. It will be a sweet day when I don't have to do NCLEX questions anymore either. :P

Well, I should get to work before the children wake up.


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