Monday, March 2, 2009

No Excuses...

Hi! Good to see you. I've missed you all. :)

I really have no good excuse for not blogging this past week or so other than the fact that I've had nothing too interesting happen besides work, and I've been enjoying some lazy days around the house (recovering from said work).

Speaking of... I'm LOVING work! I don't know if it's because I'm still in that "It's exciting to go to work" phase or if I really do enjoy my work so much. I'm betting on the latter. I'll be loving it even more when I move to nights, but until then I will begrudgingly love my days.

So, has everyone been watching the Bachelor? The finale is tonight, with a special 1-hour episode of The Bachelor: After the Final Rose. I have to tell you, I was excited about this whole Bachelor experience I've been enjoying these last few weeks. However, once the preview aired about "emotionally difficult" such-and-such for people involved and having a "closed-set due to privacy" my Bachelor world has been turned upside down. :/ There have been foilers and spoilers flying about all over the place. Internet, magazines, tv guide, work, etc. I just have to say that if what people say is true then I will be royally ticked off and will most likely abstain from any bachelor viewing until the end of time. That is unless Jillian comes back to be the Bachelorette and then I am onboard once again. (I love her!) The whole situation makes me sick to my stomach, and I will surely want to hurl watching all THREE HOURS tonight. I will most likely Twitter (aka live blog) while watching, so if you are DVR-ing and want to be surprised do not come to my blog until after you have viewed the show.

Well, I should probably do something productive. I woke up at 8:00a. Why, I don't know, but since I'm up I might as well make the best of my day since I still have part of the morning left.

Enjoy your week!


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