Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Snow...

Well the first snow of the year fell yesterday. It was kind of exciting. I love the look of fresh fallen snow. :) This cold weather that accompanies it is not my favorite, however. Makes me miss this...

My Christmas tree is up. My first Christmas tree in my first home. :) It's so pretty. One thing I know is that Christmas decorations are expensive when you have to start from scratch. I am very thankful for my $8 tree from last years Black Friday sales.

Speaking of Christmas.... I LOVE Christmas music! Thanksgiving night as I drove to work I popped in a Christmas cd and listened to my Christmas song of the year and it automatically put me in a better mood. I spent Thanksgiving night with the babies and played Christmas music all night long. The babies really enjoyed it. :)

Speaking of Christmas music... Have you heard the new song by Matthew West? It's called 'One Last Christmas'. It's a song written about and for Dax Locke and his family. Talk about bringing out the ugly cry. I had to turn the radio down tonight when it came on. Not because I don't like it, but because I don't think it's socially acceptable to be sobbing in the Starbucks drive thru. Take a listen... at your own risk. Oh, and the video makes it 10x worse!

There is a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family. I so enjoy these movies. The books are better (as are most books that are made into movies), but I still enjoy the movies. I still haven't seen Part 1 of the last movie. I don't know what I'm waiting for. I think part of me knows that if I see the first one now it will drive me nuts to not see the rest. I also want to see the Disney movie Tangled. I've heard its really cute, so I might have to go see that soon.

I'm off for six days from work and my goal is to finish my Christmas shopping so I can stop spending money. I think my next credit card bill is going to give me an aneurysm! I'm trying to keep my focus on what this season is really about. It's a little difficult because I'm reminded that I could be potentially be working both Christmas Eve and Christmas. :( I'm on call Christmas Eve and work Christmas Day. I'm so sad that I won't get to spend that time with my family, but I see this time of year as a time for serving, and if by serving that means taking care of the babies both nights then that is what I will do.

Keep Warm!


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