Sunday, October 10, 2010

Indian Summer (alternately 10-10-10)

I was feeling like I was the only one that hadn't done a post titled "10-10-10" today, so I thought I'd get it out of the way....

I have not been able to stop humming Brooks and Dunn's song 'Indian Summer'. I can just hear Ronnie Dunn singing that chorus in my head. I love Fall and this Indian Summer is kind of cramping my style here. How am I supposed to be cuddled underneath a blanket with my fuzzy socks on if it's 80+ degrees outside??? However, as much as I love Fall weather I am trying to enjoy this weather because I know it will be fleeting and in a months time I will be craving warmer weather when it's only 40 degrees out. Although, you know what, it'll probably be longer than a month because in a months time I will be sailing the ocean blue on my cruise. :) Hopefully the weather will be like it is right now. Eighty plus degrees and sunny.
I should probably start making my list of things to take now. As long as I have my complete list I can put off packing until the day before I leave. :) Nothing like being a well thought out procrastinator.

I've picked up a new hobby recently. Crocheting. I kept seeing all of these cute hats and thought that I should just try it. I've tried knitting in the past and it just did not go well. There were too many things my hand had to control and I wasn't any good at it. Crocheting however is much easier to me. I watched an online video tutorial and just started doing it. I'm halfway done and it's looking quite funny right now. According to the video it looks wavy for a little bit, so I'm hoping that it straightens out soon otherwise I'm going to have a pretty interesting looking hat on my hands. :)

Today at church the sermon was on Esther and how obedient and courageous she was to stand up for her people and her faith. She is truly someone from the Bible I admire. I've always loved her story and haven't been able to stop thinking about it all day.

Well that is all for now I guess...


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