Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pumpkin Festival!

I LOVE the Pumpkin Festival! I'm a huge pumpkin fan and this festival is an excuse to gorge myself on all things pumpkin and I enjoy every second of it! Of course if you throw in a juicy pork chop sandwich I'm in heaven. :)

I've gone with Robin and her family the last two nights and it has been super fun. Hayden and I are best buds. :) Although I can only do so much for my buddy. I rode the Tilt a Whirl with him on Thursday night and I thought I was going to hurl, so no more rides for me to his disappointment. I don't think we'd be buds anymore if I barfed all over him. Ha!

Tomorrow is the parade and crafts and of course MORE FOOD!!!! Ah, I love Fall!


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